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Amber Academy, Series XVIII: Hot Weather Summer Hair

Hair goes through alot, doesn’t it? The bitter cold can make it brittle and the sun can dry it out, and worse! Whether you’re en femme or not, a whole lotta care  is needed for your exposed self during warm weather. This week, summer hair is the focus. Here’s some great tips to remember when getting out there and being active.

Healthy Summer Hair

With the sun beating down, you don’t have to be a hermit and stay inside all summer. Just take a few precautions:

* Wear a floppy summer hat or a sexy ball cap to keep harmful rays off the scalp.
* Invest in a sun-protecting spray for hair for those hats-off times.
* Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. It’s not just for health, but to keep hair and skin hydrated as well.

Ok, ok. The finger wagging lecture about staying safe from sun is over. Now for beauty tips, which this feminization Mistress finds much more fun!

Split Up With Split Ends

* Consider a teensy trim to clear split ends and keep them from traveling up the hair shaft. This is not healthy for hair and it’s not cute, so avoid that at all costs.
* Skip the blow dryer and heated tools in hot weather and let air dry naturally instead. If you must blow-dry, use the cool setting.
* Braid long hair while it’s wet and wait til dry to unravel for a easy, summer wave. Nothin’ like sexy, natural curl!

Moisture And The Pool

* Deep condition once a week and regularly use a leave-in conditioner on just the ends of your hair to keep ends soft and moisturized|
* Use a hair serum to tame frizzy hair that’s acclimating to new weather. It’ll keep your strands looking healthy, too!
* Love the pool? Don’t wash hair until after you swim because chlorine strips oils as it is. But wet hair will soak up less chlorine, so give a little water rinse beforehand.

Summer Hair Wrap Up

I hope these summer hair tips help all of my sissies and crossdressers stay healthy and looking sexy all summer!




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