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So, what exactly is in my tan leather satchel? Pretty much my whole life, actually! My handbag is an extention of me and you’ll never see one without the other. Inside that bag of mine is everything from gum to my little cosmetic bag of must-haves and I’m noticing that I’ve even started carrying things I never used to. A sewing kit? I’m thinking that my transformation into becoming my mother is just about complete. Your handbag is an accessory but also a lifeline. It’s a way to show off a little to females, it’s a comfort to many. And sissies and cross dressers that go out en femme may certainly carry one as well. Handbags are functional fashion statements and they don’t have to break the bank!

The Right Handbag For You

Do you only need to take a few things with you? Need a shoulder strap so you have both hands free? Maybe you’re interested in handles and would prefer a clutch instead or can’t imagine carrying anything but a pretty tote? Curious about crossbody bags or wristlets? Finding the right handbag for you is an adventure. If you’re not familiar with styles, look into hobo bags, bucket-styles and satchels, too. And your head might already be swimming, bt once you settle on a type, you have all kinds of textures and designs available to you. Rhinestones, studs, faux fur, fringe, velvet, suede…..and I could talk a blue streak about chain-link straps, wide-leather, vintage, modern and the rest. Choosing your handbag (sissy purse) is unique to you. Look at all kinds of sales, online stores and consignment shops. The possibilities are endless!

But dont think that just because you’ve settled, you’re finished. There are handbags for every occasion, every season. Me? I have a few handbags for super nice events and a few for every day. I keep it simple because if I don’t limit myself, I’d need a shoppers support group! I’m sure that more than a few of you can relate!

So….weigh in here. What kind of bag do you carry, and why? I’m curious….