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Amber Academy, Series XV: Show Me Your Pretty Dresses!

I just saw a beautiful dress on Sissy Creampuff Ashley and could not believe how darling it was on her! She called me on Skype and even though she’s always dressed up, she really outdid herself this time! As the HeadMistress of Amber Academy, it just made me want to see more of my frilly sissies model their prettiest dresses, too!

Bring On The Dresses….

Sissy Creampuff Ashley was wearing the most adorable pink and white dress that read ‘Birthday Girl’, and it had a puffy, dreamy skirt. She looked like a princess! Ashley’s petticoat underneath had just the softest hint of lilac and even her clit cage was pink and girly. She was absolutely a vision in pastel! Wearing earrings with pearls on her neck and wrists was the perfect amount of accessory. And let’s not forget the shoes…..a lovely white slingback with just a little heel. So feminine! To see her so relaxed en femme warmed the heart of your Mistress, and I just knew I had to write about it.

Do you have the perfect sissy dress? Are you a princess like Sissy Creampuff Ashley? I want to see you model your best and prettiest! This is an official call and an open invite to get dolled up and have a Skype session with me! If I am taking calls, I can always watch you! Add me on Skype (enchantrixamber) and either talk to me there or have Dispatch ask me to turn on my cam to view you. Amber Academy is all about your feminine style… show me!

If you’re a creampuff, you’re welcome here. Never apologize for what you are. Celebrate it! You never know what dress I’ll write about next…..


6 comments to Amber Academy, Series XV: Show Me Your Pretty Dresses!

  • Petey cream puff

    I do have plenty of dresses. Prom/wedding/body con sheath along with choker dresses. I don’t have Skype as I’d love to show you dresses I have and we could play dress up. I’ve worn them many times with my bra/d cup breast forms/slip/heels and OMG I look better wearing them then I do in my boy clothes. I along with you and the other mistresses know I’m a cream puff sissy who’s past the point of being the strong macho guy as I can’t resist/protest nor refuse when all of you dress/turn and keep me as all of your cream puff girl. This is who am and have accepted this.

  • Interestingly, a lot of cross-dressers keep their alter ego from everyone including their spouse. They feel misunderstood and seek their outlet at LDW on Skype. I must say, it is always so much fun to watch them prance back and forth showing off their very special skills. Some enjoy being forced to do things and act feminine. It feels liberating and it brings true happiness.

  • Dena

    I LOVE how some dresses can be magical!

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