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Amber Academy, Series XIX: Thinking Of Purging Your Pretty Things? Read This First.

A long time caller recently told me something that he remembers me saying way back when we first started having sessions. He told me he took it to heart and has made it a practice in his feminine journey. The subject was purging feminine clothes, a practice that I am firmly against.

Purging Doesn’t Have To Happen

My caller said that when different feelings creep up that make him think about throwing his clothes away, he packs everything up and takes a break from dressing. He lets those feelings pass and then returns to his pretty things at a later date. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ works wonders for him and he doesn’t have to part with gorgeous clothes and accessories that he owns while he’s dealing with his feelings. It warmed my heart to hear him tell me that, that he remembers me saying it and that’s it has helped him.

Purging doesn’t take away your frilly sissy feelings. Getting rid of everything doesn’t ‘fix’ you. All you’re doing is throwing gorgeous clothes and other items away because you’re hoping to appease the guilt or shame you feel. Those feelings often come from others, from what they feel and what they’ve projected onto you. And it’s not your problem! Purging is a true tragedy because it solves nothing. You will always want to dress again. You won’t be able to shake it and you’ll find yourself beginning to shop and buy again.

I want more than anything for you to love yourself and embrace who you are. I never want you to live a feminine life that’s limited. If you’re struggling with feelings of wanting to purge, call me up. Sometimes all you need is a friend to talk to, and a new viewpoint to turn it all around.




10 comments to Amber Academy, Series XIX: Thinking Of Purging Your Pretty Things? Read This First.

  • So true, Ms. Amber! How many times have we listened to a sissy filled with regret because she purged, throwing out her very favorite panties only to find that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t carry them anymore? It’s a small thing, but it can certainly make a sissy very sad. Save yourself the grief, sissy, and listen to Ms. Amber!

  • You are so right Ms. Amber. I always tell my girls to tuck their clothes safely away in a storage unit. That way, the chance of being found out is zero and purging is not an issue. Having the sexy clothes in a private place, rather than everything at home seems to help the feelings of wanting to be “normal”. Never purge, just temporarily store!

  • Ms Amber, purging doesn’t solve anything other than possibly lowering one’s anxiety for a short period of time. It’s very difficult at times to accept one’s own sexuality if it flies in the face of convention. That’s why Mistresses can be so helpful…a non-judgmental ear from someone who cares.

  • yvonne

    This is so spot on. I have been dressing for a very long time. I remember when I first started that I thought by getting rid of everything the urges would stop. Something told me not to. Thank heavens I did not go thru with the purge. Now I do clean out the wardrobe at times to get rid of the things I have not worn in forever. That is just making the way for new pretties and every girl does this.


  • AprilsissyNicole

    Purging can be sad .Last time i purged i hope i didn’t purge any of my favorite things. Other times i purged fashon mistakes & clothes thst didn’t fit also purged phone

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