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Amber Academy, Series XIX: Forming Female Relationships

Moving to a new city is difficult when you don’t know anyone, and even harder when alot of the new people you meet and end up liking are tourists heading home in a few days. So you can imagine how happy I was to meet a woman like me who actually lives here and wants to hang out. Now, I’ve never been opposed at doing things solo. I actually like going to dinner alone and will even go to the movies by myself. But there’s just something about camaraderie and spending time with someone that you enjoy. I’ve written about utilizing a wingwoman before, but female relationships in general are good to have.

Female Relationships….It’s A Good Thing

I’m not really scoping the landscape for a man right now, figuring that things happen when you’re not looking for it. My new friend Krista and I have been shopping and doing girly things instead. A few days ago, she and I had mimosas as we got pedicures together and then we went to The Palms for a few drinks and apps. I miss my Portland friend Tarah like crazy, but I talk to her all the time. Meanwhile, I have really enjoyed getting to know Krista.

Women are great for alot of reasons. Make sure they’re not catty bitches and you’ll really enjoy it. They’ll be honest with you when that outfit you’re wearing trying on is all wrong or when there’s spinach in your teeth. There’s a sensitivity and empathy to women that lets you know they really relate. You don’t have to be a natural-born woman to enjoy the company of natural-born women. They can be fierce protectors when others aren’t tolerant or kind to you in public. Sissies and cross dressers that have been able to find a woman (or a group of women) they trust can truly benefit from them, whether it be learning social cues when you’re out en femme or getting tips about makeup, hair and fashion.

Of course, if you’re bi and would like to explore your sexual side, women can help with coached bi…..providing an introduction to a man they trust for you to meet and test the waters with. (That’s also where that whole ‘wingwoman’ thing comes in if you’re out on the prowl.) Alot of bi folks really love the idea of having a woman present when cocksucking (or more!) is on the table.

Taking A Chance

So don’t shy away from women. Yes, they can be supercunt bitches that would sell you for a sandwich, but that’s only some of them. I’ve had solid female relationships with some of my friends for almost my whole life. Nothing beats spending time with someone that ‘gets you’, someone you can trust, talk to and confide in.
Take a chance!

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  • Mistress Amber,

    I’m glad to hear you’ve met a friend. Moving to a new place where you know no one is difficult but finding that first friend helps that transition.

    I’ve always had female friends (yeah I got friend zoned a lot lol) but never had that female that I felt comfortable with enough to have the courage to come out to about. There were a few that I had thought about coming out to but never did. One of them was a woman I used to work with. I was the only male in my department at the time. She and the other women I worked with used to say I was one of the girls. None of these women had any hesitation to talk about sex in front of me. It’s almost like I was their Gay BFF lol. I always wonder if they had any suspicions about me.

    I hope one of these days in real life I’m able to have that female friend to come out too.

  • Petey cream puff

    I am in a female lead relationship with my masseuse. It was 2 years ago January that I came out of closet with her about my dressing up in women’s clothes. She asked if I was gay and I said no then asked if I sleep in bras/panties/slips and I said I did them asked if I wear makeup/lipstick/perfumes and told her I did. She smiled and said she was proud of me saying this then asked if I wanted to buy 4 purses from her and said I would. I knew this had to happen as she sent me out to buy beer for her as she gave me her purse and sent me out with no questions. She has me using same facial lotion and perfumes she does and uses them on my massages and cheeks. Since then she’s taken pictures of me with her phone in dresses/makeup/lipstick/measured/fitted me in bras along with giving me 5 of her old bras and has taken control over my spending so I can do 2 hour massages 3xweek and monthly waxings which she said she would kick my buttt if I spend foolishly and said I have enough women’s clothes. With her having pictures of me dressed up on her phone she can hit send anytime. With all this happening she has her nails firmly dug into me with no intention of ever letting me go. I’m glad she’s taken charge and keeping me in line. This is what I’ve been looking for and much needed.

  • Jennifer

    I have a friend who used to be my girlfriend, she takes me out shopping at the all the time. Recently she taught me how to use hot rollers in my hair,it looked so fem-just took my heart-
    later we were talking about my teenage daughter disobeying and I said she shouldn’t do that because “I’m The Man!”, it was so great because my friend just looked at the hem of my skirt and rolled her eyes (as if saying No,you are no man). I don’t think she realized that she did that, which made it hit even deeper! Anyway, she helps me all the time and really wants me to be girlie. It is great having a girl-friend, and p.s. all the other women I have come out to have been supportive and offering help. Women really are the best

    • Amber

      They certainly can be! I’m glad that you have someone local that you can have fun with. Many natural-born women LOVE to take the reins to show you the ropes… soak it up!

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