Ah, the holidays are coming. That means festive feelings, spectacular shopping, tons of fashion and hello, a new Amber Academy Series, of course! This week begins my introduction to Amber Academy Series XIII, Sissy Sleighbells, Sweet and Sexy.
Now, what is that, really? Well, it’s more shopping and girl stuff with a winter theme, and all from your favorite feminization Mistress.

Amber (1)

I’ve Got A Knack For Sissy Things…..

Sissies and cross dressers are a special bunch, and there are just so gosh darn many of you that flood my phone and email, it is clear to me that Amber Academy is really reaching you. To my knowledge, it’s the only in-depth, once-weekly, never-fail feminization blog that you can expect with certainty at LDW. I create a different series every few months because seasons change, fashion changes and we evolve. Not just you, but me, too. I have loved helping, guiding, advising and instructing sissies and cross dressers all the way from the beginning, from my first few months here.

LDW is truly a unique place with a Mistress quality that’s unmatched on the ‘net. And being a girl is hard work. The ladies here are friends that care about each other, and that’s the feminine spirit that powers Amber Academy. It’s for the love of fashion and feminization, my knack for sound advice and my fondness of pure girly fun that I write this series with goodwill to each and every one of you.

And So We Begin…..

And so we begin with our winter series, a new season and new shopping for en femme living. But always the same Amber, the Amber that loves to be your guide. It all starts next week, friends. Can’t wait to spend the next few months wrapping up the year and preparing for the new one. How exciting! Join me, and we’ll all keep growing together.