For some of us, it’s starting to get chilly out there! That’s why your favorite feminization Mistress (Your Truly!) has decided to write about a very timely subject: fall coats and staying warm and fashionable this season. Fall coats are not exactly like winter coats because it goes by your climate. If you live in California, you might not need to be bundled mid-December, but in Michigan, you’re going to need to all the help you can get. Do I honestly think that buying two coats between now and January’ish is a good idea? Not necessarily, unless you have the cash. For most of us, one cold weather coat is good. I’ve compiled the 5 biggest coat trends of Fall and it’s got options for warm winters and cold ones, too.


Fall Coats For You And You And You!

Here’s what I found, straight from the runways and fashion pages. This is what ladies are wearing this fall… sissies and cross dressers, take note!

Classic Bomber— This is pefect for just a little chill. Very fashionable and oh-so-versatile!

Sexy Leather— What a classic look you’ll be rockin’ when you head for leather. It’s always a fine choice and adds a bit of sexy edge to your look!

Puffy and Quilted— For those that need a little more ‘bundle’, this is the way to go when out en femme.

Warm Shearling— There’s no mistaking the purpose of this look: warm! Shearling coats are going to hold heat in, but they can still look posh!

The Princess And The Peacoat — My favorite, my personal favorite, this thick coat still looks tailored and offers the warmth that a cold climate needs.

And Another Thing….

I also want to add a little more to this and it’s not exactly a coat recommendation, but more of a ‘by the way’, and great news for you girly girls. The color of the season is none other than the perfect and feminine pink. Anything and everything pink. Pink handbags and yes, even pink coats. The runways and fashion mags have spoken, so celebrate. Think pink!

Keep coming back to me for more Amber Academy every Wednesday! Next week I’ll be announcing the Winter Series. Can you believe that my Fall Series is done? This is the last, ladies! If you’d like to review what we just completed, here’s the link to my entire ‘Fun And Flirty Fall Femme’ series.
All November and December, we’ll be kicking up the fashion and fun with a wintry theme….so don’t miss out!