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Amber Academy, Series VIII: Naughty Sissy Salesgirl

I have a caller that’s actually one of my faves and we’ve been talking for a long time. True story….she’s the reason why my soon-to-be-ex cuckold Scott even worked in a ladies boutique at all. Hearing that this sissy had connections to do so for herself got me on the phone to some female business owners in my area and I was able to set the whole thing up for Scott. But this isn’t about Scott, it’s about ‘Amanda’, the sweet sissy in stockings with a love of makeup and enough knowledge to give tips to ladies shopping at the boutique she helps out at. But this salesgirl fantasy has zero to do with lipliner or BB cream!

Sissy Salesgirl Has A Sexy Plan…

When women shop, they sometimes drag their husbands and boyfriends along and those poor men are usually bored to tears. The chatty wife blathers on from inside her fitting room and is keeping the clerk on her toes, but the man waiting for her would rather be anywhere else. That’s where my sissy Amanda comes in.

I imagine that Amanda is a few sales racks away, staying busy with merchandise. But she’s very perceptive and she notices a husband sitting in a waiting area. He’s well built and good looking. He’s also completely detached from his wife’s conversation and no one is paying attention to him. That man could wander right out the door and his wife would still be blabbing away. That gives Amanda a delicious idea. Just the thought of it made the cockslut warm in her girly panties.

There was something about Amanda that caught the husband’s eye. He kept glancing her way, which meant her plan was working. As Amanda casually inched her way farther away from him and got closer to the backroom, her eyes followed him and he kept watching. That’s when he made the connection….she wanted him to follow.

He strained to see into the backroom entrance from his seat but most of it was around the corner. Could he? Should he? The subtle hints from Amanda were unmistakeable and the husband was intrigued. And it’s not like his wife would miss him for a few minutes. She had barely said two words to him from behind her fitting room door since they arrived. So the husband got up and walked over to the side of the boutique, making sure no one noticed. No one did.

Amanda Gets Her Reward

The husband entered the employee back room a little bewildered, but not for long. Amanda wasted no time expertly unbuttoning and unzipping the sexy stranger in front of her. Sliding his pants down, the cock sprang out and she licked her lips in anticipation. Keeping eye contact, she began to stroke his cock while sucking the spongy head of his throb. He was delicious and Amanda lost herself in the moment, slurping and pleasuring the husband that stood before her. His wife had never sucked him like that!

Bobbing and licking, he fed my sissy Amanda his veiny, pulsing manhood. She sucked and sucked until she felt his knees tighten and his entire body brace. Just a moment later, that hot gush of cream made Amanda smile. She flicked her tongue at the last drop of cum, smiled at him and he fastened his pants and smiled at her warmly. He ducked back onto the salesfloor and went back to his bench where his wife was still chatting, completely unaware.

The husband smiled in secret. It was a good day shopping, and he might need to accompany his wife more often.


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