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Amber Academy, Series IX: Making Feminine Contact And Being Smart About It

In this series, we’ve established that we’re taking your fantasies out into the wide world. The minute you leave your house en femme, it has begun, you’re ‘on’. You may feel a spring in your step, a stirring down below, and you’re feeling spectacular. Delicious, isn’t it?


But when you’re out and ‘on’, it’s important to remember the same things natural-born women do. It’s instilled into all of us on some level, and it’s good advice for you, as well.

Thinking sexy and smart….

* Think ahead. You want to be able to touch-up your lipstick or powder, yes. But have enough money and a fully charged cell phone, too. (I usually bring a charger if I’m going to be out all night.)
* Be aware of your surroundings. No taking chances walking alone, finding yourself compromised in bad areas or on poorly lit streets. Walk near others, stay semi-near a group even if they aren’t with you.
* Always try to meet in public places when you can. You may travel somewhere else privately later, but always remember, safety first.
*Watch your drink. Keep it in your hand. If you set it down (even for a moment), get a new one. No exceptions.
* Have some condoms with you. They are 98-99% effective against HIV and other STD’s when used correctly. You can be a sissy bimbo…..just be smart about it!
* Stay in control and watch your liquor. There’s nothing wrong with having a buzz and enjoying the evening, but always know what’s going on. Call a cab, a friend or Uber if you’re impaired.

That being said, let yourself live. You know who you are, and whether you’re a sissy, a slut, a naughty cocksucker or a lady, you can do it in style while thinking smart.
The world is open to you. Take a big bite!

4 comments to Amber Academy, Series IX: Making Feminine Contact And Being Smart About It

  • Ms Amber ~ As always, great advice! And not just for those going out en femme! There is nothing worse than being out unprepared. I have nearly panicked when I thought my cell would go dead! Being aware of your surroundings is so important. Being a single gal myself, I like to be aware of the places I meet people. If it is a place I am going to alone, I will ask around about it. Never underestimate what a friendly smile and a generous tip to a bartender can get you. They know all and see all. Be they friend and they will be yours!

  • Good points to be had. As well as one will understand more so, why natural born women do what they do, when they ate out and about amongst society. They don’t park the car all the way out and for good reasons. They Park as close to the door as they possibly can. Taking or going with a bestie outs God on every level. Especially on HRT, as we have like zero muscles.

    As far as the drinks mentioned. If you should ever lose sight of it. You get another one. One never knows when one gets put in drinks at a bar. Have a mickey one time and it will never happen again.

    Phone charger is great idea as well

    Also one might associate women more, as sheet one spends the night in heels haha, one will better understand why women kick those things off and weddings and other events. I personally like a boot or chunky heels to even kitten heels and if i do have a higher heel, strappy ones are best for me, as well as watch your surroundings.

    Love your blog as well as friend Amber, that i so love and cherish.

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