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ABC Sex No More!

There are a whole host of men that literally don’t get sex except on certain days like anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. That’s ABC sex, and it’s not cool. Many of you have a wife or girlfriend whose attitude ranges from constantly stressed out/half-dead/100% not putting up with your shit to complete bitch on wheels, and it probably wasn’t like that when you were dating, was it? If your lady had the personality of a constipated bulldog when you met her, you wouldn’t have locked it down, right? You know, it seems kinda like false advertising to act one way to hook a man and then once you’ve got him, wear a messy ponytail every day and stop shaving. Aren’t you glad that this cocktease is here to fill in all those sexy blanks for you?

ABC Sex? Not Here!

The beauty of a woman like me is that when you grab your dick, I’m not going to roll my eyes and tell you to please put pants on, Carl! I realize that you have urges and once you realize I’m in charge, you’re going to have a helluva lot more fun than any long anticipated sexual encounter that you’ve been waiting months for.
Dirty mind? It’s ok. Total horndog? I’m on it! No more ABC fun for you!

I am ready to explore your filthy fantasies, stroke and edge you until you beg like a bitch or do whatever else floats your sad, little sex-starved boat. So… leave that lonely harbor. Float on over my way and let’s see what kind of fun we can have!





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