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A Little Orgasm Denial Never Hurt Anybody!

I’ve spent all weekend stroking and edging with a sub I love to play with and he doesn’t even get to cum with me until after work today! He has had some really rough nights, endured some outings with friends and has survived three sessions in the last three days! Orgasm denial, whimpering, begging, extreme need. What a trooper. A total slut, but a trooper just the same!

Orgasm Denial From A Cocktease Extraordinaire

There’s something about a sexy, dominant woman and the power she can wield when she delays your pleasure! Being a cocktease is truly an art form, and every Mistress will agree. It’s something that any woman can attempt but few can master. Having a Mistress call all the shots as she controls your cock brings the thrill of surrender into focus and just reiterates how badly you need her!

Bringing you to the edge again and again is not for the faint of heart. It takes discipline to listen and a commitment to obey. Realizing that your prized possession is my greatest weapon combines pain and pleasure into a otherworldly subspace experience. Can you listen to everything a Mistress says? Your cock wants to be mine!







6 comments to A Little Orgasm Denial Never Hurt Anybody!

  • Ms Amber, cock control is absolutely an art form and one that sounds like you have mastered well. As always, the little head controls the big head.

  • Wes

    Thank you for writing this Ms. Amber… I love when a creative dominant Mistress edges me into subspace and uses my willingnous to please to show me other kinks she knows I’ll crave later:)

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    I wish I could be one of the types of submissives that can both endure and enjoy orgasm denial. But I am too weak and would not even think about doing a session if I am not able to cum at the end. For me the orgasm is the end game of each and every session. That said…I do so enjoy the journey leading up to it. To having the mistress humiliate me and make me do things for her viewing enjoyment. Having her control my cock, edging it, making me beg and plead….to making me be her dirty little jerk off boy…yes…I love the journey and but I need the orgasm.

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