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Always Listen To Mistress

I had played with ‘T’ before. But this time, ‘T’ was home and not in a hotel room. Wifey was actually out of town and we had alot more toy options than his finger and the metal clips on hotel room clothes hangers. After hearing the list of all the toys and pain-play masturbation . . . → Read More: Always Listen To Mistress

Domination….You Asked For It!

I recently had a caller come my way because the Mistress he had been talking to needed to take a break, and she thought I would have fun with him. The caller asked me to watch him on Skype to show me his predicament in person…..he was in chastity. The prior Mistress had decided . . . → Read More: Domination….You Asked For It!

Will You Be My Pussy Professional?

I’m looking for a pussy professional…..a tireless lick-n-slurp slut that can pleasure one woman or twenty. A woman demands pleasure….and being able to give it is a must! If you’ve got a nice cock, a little licking revs a female engine and adds a little more fun. But if your cock is less than . . . → Read More: Will You Be My Pussy Professional?

Bounce And Beg To Cum!

The sissy cuck was hiding her pleasure. The dildo was buried deep but I was not satisfied. I’m not the least bit concerned if that play cock is stretching or even tearing you a bit….your pain is my happiness and I will not be cheated! This cuck was facing another night alone because the . . . → Read More: Bounce And Beg To Cum!

Submission…..Or Leave.

Come to me bare. You’ve got toys I cannot see, but I will hear their effect on you. You slick a glass dildo with lube and soon your warmest place is full. I hear your groan and gasp, past that taboo feeling and all the fear of your desire. There’s another play cock, affixed . . . → Read More: Submission…..Or Leave.

Manipulated Into Submission? You’re Welcome.

Many things are blamed on ‘womanly charms’. As early as that apple that Eve gave Adam, women have been making men do things. That was the first coerced submission, and women haven’t stopped since.

Women are the blinding light that can earn you a multitude of consequences. Maybe you have a failed marriage in . . . → Read More: Manipulated Into Submission? You’re Welcome.

Begging For Pegging

Do you have a secret? Of course, we all have a few. Maybe you fudged on your taxes last year. Maybe your neighbor loaned you a wrench and you never gave it back. (Shame on you!) Maybe you’re flirting with that new girl at work and slipping your wedding ring off right before you . . . → Read More: Begging For Pegging

Random Pindick Thoughts, Sexy Queening Fantasies

I talked to my most enjoyable pindick early this morning, and he told me he only watches porn on his phone so the big cocks in the video don’t look so huge. This is the same guy that serenades me with songs from old tv shows and the sweet sounds of the 80’s almost . . . → Read More: Random Pindick Thoughts, Sexy Queening Fantasies