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Cuckold Frank Has Been Discarded But He Still Has Value As A Cum Dump!

Just got off the phone with one of my faves for sure, a guy I that I call ‘Frank’. Maybe you remember him from way back when in my blog ‘My Two Favorite Cuckolds‘ post. Anyway, Frank is no longer a cuck. His wife’s Bull officially stole Frank’s wife, and after a messy and expensive divorce, Frank now lives alone while the happy couple lives in the house where he used to. (Ohhhh….you know that stings.)

cum dump

Frank, Cum Dump For Life~

Frank was a great cuck while it lasted. He let himself be dressed up as a sissy slut and humiliated by his ex. Learned to suck a cock and even got his little bitch butthole stuffed for the very first time. Frank’s ex-wife is now engaged to the Bull-turned-boyfriend, and show of hands from everyone who thinks Frank moved on and is doing well, too! Don’t be silly. No one should have raised their hand, y’all! Frank is obsessed with pictures of his ex and spends his evenings reading old texts, listening to old recordings of his ex getting fucked and calling Yours Truly to rub his tiny peen. Girlfriends? Not even kinda. Frank’s the woman now! He craves cock and cums like a bitch. No girl wants a little dick like Frank’s!

From time to time, two men he knows drop by from time to time to use him up. Frank loves it. He’s finally useful in the bedroom! No more worrying about performance. The other person’s orgasm is guaranteed because men don’t fake anything. Not to mention anyone that’s pounding your cum dump ass with cock is going to blow their load 100% of the time.

Frank’s little nub is a complete afterthought. Not even his erection is important, and you know why? Because Frank swallows cock at both ends. The men that fuck Frank don’t need him to perform like a man, they just need him to take it like a bitch!
And take it, he does. Begs for it. Chokes on it. Gulps it down. What a good slut Frank is.
Cuckold or not, he still makes me proud.



5 comments to Cuckold Frank Has Been Discarded But He Still Has Value As A Cum Dump!

  • Wow, while the fantasy of this sounds extremely hot the reality is sad. I guess that comes with the territory and reality that most heterosexual women would not want to stay married to a sissy that likes to be used by men. Sure there are exceptions to this and some couples are strong enough to survive but more times than not this is the inevitable.

    I feel bad for Frank and hope at some point he settles down with a nice man.

    • Amber

      You know, I would love that same thing for him. But he is actually really enjoying his life right now and ‘doing him’, you know? I love knowing that he’s finally having great sex. His little penis always was a stumbling block with his wife and now the penis is a non-issue.

  • princess

    This is what happened to me the 1st time i was cuckolded….not quite as extreme….but very similair

  • Tea Bag

    How can Frank be “really enjoying his life right now” if he’s reading over old texts, listening to old recordings and pining for his ex? I was in that state once (my ex had rejected a cuckolding arrangement) and it was hell on earth, no exaggeration. I just hope Frank’s recovering.

    • Amber

      A new blog has recently been written about Frank and we can now see the contrast. You can check this new blog out now, dated November 27, 2017. As of THIS blog you are currently commenting on, yes, I believe that there was a sadness. His ex had closed him out after not talking to him. He missed her, sure. But he was also discovering how exciting and freeing gay sex could be. He didn’t have to think about his little dick or worry that it would hold him back. He was finally enjoying sex after years of anxiety and feelings of inadequacy due to letting his wife down. And they were being a little rough with him, which gets him off. It might not have been a perfect life, but as the saying goes, ‘the fastest way to get over someone is to get under someone’. It may sound crass or flippant, but people do all kinds of things when they’re working through break-ups.
      Present day, Frank is combining the cocksucking and anal that he’s addicted to with the excitement of being able to play with his ex and her Bull again. Is it the perfect life? Some people would say no, and sure. It’s not for everyone. But I do not make judgements on people’s lives or tell them how they SHOULD be feeling. If my caller’s fetish is domination, chastity, manipulation and feeling vulnerable with the man that stole their wife, I am all for it as long as everyone is playing safe and consensually.

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