So I got a call the other day from a Cockslut Matt, who’ve I’ve written about before. He’s a real whore and has sucked some great cock for me. But Matt was a little disappointed that he had gone to the glory hole that he’s always had so much fun at, but found it closed. Closed permanently. Well, that’s a bummer and I won’t say it’s not, but Matt was a little unsure about what to do now. Well….

Glory Hole Shopping

I know that people are creatures of habit and most folks don’t like change. But if your grocery store closed, you wouldn’t stop eating, would you? Wherever you had to drive to get what you needed, you would. So why is it different for cock? You can’t tell me that you’re completely out of luck. Between dirty book stores, gay bars and theaters? Some of you even have bath houses in your area! There’s cock to be had! How hungry are you?

Even if you have to drive a little bit more than before, let’s find you another spot for splooge sucking fun! People make time for the gym and they make time for their friends, so don’t even think about skipping out on one of the most arousing, exhilarating and sexually rewarding activities that a naughty double life slut like you can have!

I still want those reports, so Cockslut Matt….you better find a new spot, pronto!