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Amber Academy, Series XIX: Fall Is Calling

Next week starts a brand new Fall Series…..the 20th Amber Academy, if you can believe it! It’s my favorite season ever, and will be my first Fall in Las Vegas, so I’m doubly excited!

When I came to LDW in early 2014 and took a tour of all the other Mistress blogs at the time, I saw awesome feminization blog entries here and there but nothing weekly, nothing regularly or on a schedule. I really wanted to establish a little place where a sissy or a cross dresser could visit for regular advice, a day just for them. And now, there’s nineteen feminization Series links in the Vault, a treasure trove of fashion, beauty, girl talk and naughty stuff, too!

Fall On the Horizon

I grew up in a home with mostly males (eww, cooties!) and wished very much at that time for another female about my age to learn from. Now that I’m grown and I’ve had alot of experiences, its time to share my love of clothing, shopping, makeup and everything else. Thank you for reading Amber Academy. It’s fun to write and be someone that can be your sissy go-to, cross dressing cheerleader and no-nonsense straight shooter when it comes to cultivating your feminized self.

Adios, Summer…..Fall is calling!

See you next week!


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  • Petey cream puff

    Fall is my favorite season for dressing!!! I can wear women’s slacks/turtleneck sweaters/bra/panties/ankle boots with season getting cooler. I can’t dress in summer as it’s so hot/humid and uncomfortable. I’ve worn women’s shorts/sandals/choke tops along with women’s tanks. Since I’m in friend zone with girlfriends Im planning on getting more into cross dressing because of this.

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