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The Best Thing About Teasing, Part I: Aching But Never Acquiring

The best thing about teasing is that you can’t help but want it. No matter how long I drag it out, you only get more interested. And the more horny you are, the less you think about anything else. I can talk you into whatever I want, and you’d find yourself doing things that you might never agree to otherwise! Now, it would take literally forever for me to exhaust every detail I can think of about teasing, so I decided to condense it and give it installments. (What? You don’t want a 42,000 word blog post today? Why not?)

But no matter how long it takes me, teasing deserves the time. A ginormous amount of what LDW does revolves around cock control and cockteasing. It’s the basic recipe that Mistresses ‘doctor’ to make your sessions hot like fire. And if you’re lucky enough to be in our clutches, congratulations.
A myriad of pleasures await you!

Teasing: Aching But Never Acquiring

Imagine that the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen walks past you and her perfume makes your dick hard. You turn to see her walk, and her ass is doing that thing. She turns just slightly, now aware that you’re watching. She smiles slyly. She begins to strut and you instantly wish to be inside her. You imagine her creamy thighs pressed up against your cheeks as you lick her sacred heat. But then reality sets in. You will never have her. Not ever. She’s teasing you. Maybe it lasted ten seconds, but the truth is a brick wall.

Mistresses are just like that. They’re exquisite, feminine, unique, irresistible, sometimes assertive and sometimes adorable. Mistresses can stiffen your dick with a word. Personally, I’m the super-fun sexy tomboy that can gossip in the company of ladies and be shootin’ hoops with your Uncle Ed twenty minutes later. I can bait my own hook without squirming and see a mouse without jumping on a chair. I’m down for a monster truck show/pizza and beer/fuck all night/waffle house in the morning date. And you’d probably give your left nut for a woman like that, but you’ll only imagine. You can’t have me. Teasing is an art form, and you won’t be able to wrap your brain around how good I am at it!

You ache but you never aquire. You hope but you’ll never hold it in your hands. This is one aspect of teasing. It’s delicious and heart-pounding and something you’ll keep coming back for. There’s no doubt about it. Men always want what they can’t have.




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