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News Flash For Cuckold Barry The Bitch: No One Wants Your Sad Two Inch!

Barry is a loser cuck. His hot and sexy cuckoldress wife is getting such great cock that she can’t even be bothered to come home. But why should she come home to Barry and his lonely, undersexed two-inch peen? Barry is the kind of guy that chastity devices are made for. In this world, there are men and there are mice and Barry is a small, squeaky mouse. Hell, a mouse could make Barry his bitch and I wouldn’t be surprised.

You can check that phone all you want, but you’re not worth the text, bitch!

Hey, Cuckold….Pay Bills And Shut Up!

Barry’s wife won’t call or text. But who would be be eager to give up a hot, juicy steak for ground beef? Barry is just a sad pile of bland, ground beef and wifey has always known it. Eager-to-please submissives like Barry will work hard to provide and when you see a sucker like that, you lock it down! She wasn’t put off by his barely-there pubic bulge, either. That probably made Barry feel good once upon a time. But cock is easy to find and she found it right off the bat. She just wants Barry to pay bills and shut up. And that’s what Barry does.

Masturbation is the highlight of his sad life. He finger strokes because he might lose that little dick in his hand if he tried stroking like a real man. What I woudn’t give to bend that wife’s ear for ten minutes and give her a few pointers. I could help her upgrade to seeing things my way and having a lot more fun with Barry! Like locking up his pathetic nub and throwing the key in a river. How about burning all his boy clothes and turning him into a house slave, bringing her boyfriends home and getting some choice footage of him gagging on cock. See? I’ve got ideas. But since I don’t get a chance to educate the wife, I’ll just use her husband.
I’m damn good at that, too.





8 comments to News Flash For Cuckold Barry The Bitch: No One Wants Your Sad Two Inch!

  • Cuckolds are so cute with their “hopes” and their “expectations”. With them being so fucking needy it’s no wonder their wives aren’t around. A hotwife wants a real man, plain and simple. Frankly, I do the same to my cuck. I can’t be bothered to cater to his whining. He just needs a little reminder of how lucky he is to have a woman like me around. That usually shuts him up. Is it the same for you, Ms Amber?

    • Amber

      I honestly think Scott and I have it a little different. He’s not too much of a whiner, I’m glad for that! But he knows his place and loves cock, so what more could I ask for?

  • I’ll admit I’m on the smaller side but I can’t imagine having a micro penis like Barry. I wonder why any woman would marry a male with a micro penis unless the male was the first she had been with and had no point of reference to know what she’s missing.

    • Amber

      OH, but Barry was loyal and sweet and she knew that he would be a good provider, Stephanie! When you always planned to cheat, having a guy like Barry pay for everything is nice to have!

  • Masturbation is the ONLY life for a little dick loser … naturally submissive or not … because you know he’s not getting pussy! Even an escort will laugh at this tiny dick. 2 inches? Not even a cock!

  • Empress Rayne

    So love this title, Ms Amber! When I saw it, I just had to hear more about pathetic little Barry. It’s a familiar story, isn’t it? That seems to be the fate of many a pin dicked loser…just the cuckold who goes out to bring home the bacon and ends up spending his nights home alone beating his tiny portion of meat.

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