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I Love When Men Are Verbal During Sex!

I love when men are verbal during sex. (I love when they’re kinky, too…but that’s another blog.) I just love hearing men be sexual. If you cum and I didn’t know it, I’m drawing a blank. Verbal! Get into it, baby!

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Men Love When Women Are Verbal

Ask any man that loves to fuck women, and he will tell you that he loves when women are verbal in bed. Screaming, moaning, begging….hearing a woman want that cock is a huge turn on, right? Not only that, but it’s a pretty big indicator that the guy putting that work in is doing a good job. Having a constant progress report in the form of a sexy, breathy, horny woman really does it for men! Seeing a woman LOVE your cock and not be able to get enough is SO hot, yes? Well, women love to hear that you’re enjoying them, too. You getting verbal turns us on. It means you’re letting it all go, you’re not holding back and you’re completely addicted to us and what we’re giving you. It’s a two-way street! The hotter we make it for each other, the better it will be.

Verbal On The Phone Is Just As Hot

Just because we’re not in your bed doesn’t mean we aren’t 100% into that roleplay. Yes, we hear you stroke that cock, thank you. But your panting, whimpering and sexy man-moaning gets us wet and keeps us that way. So whether a Mistress is controlling that cock or taking it rough (the way we like it!), don’t be shy. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Let it all go. We sure will!

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