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Finger-Fuck Your Fuckhole

What’s the one anal toy you always have handy? It’s on your hand, of course! No excuses when I ask you either, not that you should ever turn down a chance to get pumped in your pleasure spot! It’s time to finger-fuck your fuckhole!

Finger-Fuck Fast Or Slow….

There aren’t any rules when a finger’s involved, only that it’s clean and the nail is trimmed. How fast or slow you go is up to….me! That’s right. It might be your finger and your fuckhole, but you’re my bitch and I say what goes! You’d think I’d grow tired of finger-fuck shows, but it’s the whimpering and moaning-bitch stuff that I’m after. I love two things, you know. Being in charge, yes. But listening to men get verbal and sluts get weak is right up there, too. So I think some finger-fucking is in order, don’t you? It’s a win-win and a guaranteed good time. So use that finger to dial and then get ready to take it deep and dark because that’s just where we’re headed!







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