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The Cock Addiction Diaries: Cum Slurp Brian And The All Day Cockfest

I have one hell of a Cocksucker Report for you, and it’s all about Cum Slurp Brian. Brian is such a whore, he has his own blog series called The Cock Addiction Diaries! Brian is also a big boss at his job and it’s a good thing, too. Because not many undercover whores could have had the all day cockfest that Brian did today. He actually went to a bath house on his lunch hour and got so gosh darn busy that he never went back to work.

Slurps And Sexcapades During Cockfest

All in all, Cum Slurp Brian sucked 15 cocks and was fucked 7 times. If that doesn’t earn him Super Slut status, I don’t know what does!

Once he arrived at the glory hole, he got a room, got down on his knees in the hallway and got right to work. Men held him by the back of the hair and fed him cock. He alternated positions, whatever those Alphas wanted. Brian was even fucked under a stream of hot water. The men at the bath house didn’t care that he was a big boss or that he has a good reputation. They only cared that he kept his mouth and ass open! Those cocks ranged in ages, but he told me that he loved the college-aged men the best. How humiliating it was to be used and stretched by younger men today, to be facefucked into subspace and gagged with cockheads left and right!

Cum Slurp Brian practiced safe sex like a smart slut. Great job, whore! But even though he used condoms is not to say that cumdump didn’t get his cum! That’s right……Brian begged to be sticky and cummy, and all of those load-blowing strangers happily obliged by emptying the contents of their spermy bags of splooge all over him!

Two Mistress Call with Miss Alexis

Cum Slurp Brian slid a dildo in his freshly fucked hole and moaned for me. It’s so exciting when men are verbal during masturbation, when I can hear their pleasure pulsing through them! Brian told me how he got called a bitch, a faggot, a whore and even a cum dumpster. But I must stress to all of my readers just how much a turn-on that is for him. In real life, Brian is the picture of masculine perfection. He’s as manly as a man can be. But I love that Brian is hiding a huge secret, and only his Mistress and the men that use him for filth know the truth!

We even brought Mistress Alexis on the call for a naughty Two Mistress session so we could both listen to Cum Slurp Brian edge and stroke, building that orgasm that would undoubtedly blow like the fucking Fourth Of July when I finally gave the green light. And blow, it did! What a filthy mess Brian made for us, eating it up like the addict that he is.

Thanks for the buttpumping fun and filthy confession, Cum Slurp Brian! What a dream submissive you are!


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