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I Know Where I Want Your Cum

How many vids have you seen where the man pulls his cock out and blows the cum on the woman’s stomach? Spraying those pretty nipples is popular and of course, some ladies take it to the face. Don’t ever expect that from me, though….I have a better idea of where you should put that . . . → Read More: I Know Where I Want Your Cum

Will You Be My Pussy Professional?

I’m looking for a pussy professional…..a tireless lick-n-slurp slut that can pleasure one woman or twenty. A woman demands pleasure….and being able to give it is a must! If you’ve got a nice cock, a little licking revs a female engine and adds a little more fun. But if your cock is less than . . . → Read More: Will You Be My Pussy Professional?

You Were Built For Cock

Alright, I’m just going to say it. Quit pretending that you were meant to be a ladies man. Hanging out with your straight friends doesn’t rub off, you know! Some of you were built for cock, inside and out. How do I know? Well, let’s narrow this down, shall we?

Were You Built . . . → Read More: You Were Built For Cock

Submission…..Or Leave.

Come to me bare. You’ve got toys I cannot see, but I will hear their effect on you. You slick a glass dildo with lube and soon your warmest place is full. I hear your groan and gasp, past that taboo feeling and all the fear of your desire. There’s another play cock, affixed . . . → Read More: Submission…..Or Leave.

Cuckold Peter…..Masculinity Lost!

Cuckold Peter is a sad sack of lonely. He works hard at his job and comes home to no one to talk to. His wife Laura is still getting cock from John. That’s nothing new. I’ve already written a few times about pathetic Cuckold Peter and the Bull that stole his wife. Peter’s masculinity . . . → Read More: Cuckold Peter…..Masculinity Lost!

The Return Of Manslut M: Being My Bitch And Making It Real

How can I describe Manslut M.? Well, he’s a hardworkin’ East Coast husband whose wife hasn’t slept with him for years. Yep, things between them are pretty strained. You know that look that women sometimes give you when they’ve given up on you? That’s like, his whole life with her, day in and day . . . → Read More: The Return Of Manslut M: Being My Bitch And Making It Real

A Chronic Cock-Rubbin’ Freak Like You

I know all about chronic cock-rubbin‘ freaks. For one thing, I only have a job because you’re a perv! But, let’s be real. How are you not supposed to touch that cock? When a woman masturbates, it’s so much more involved. Getting inside is more difficult. It’s a process. But men. Oh, you have . . . → Read More: A Chronic Cock-Rubbin’ Freak Like You

A Phone Mistress Is Better Than Therapy

Therapy is a good thing. It’s cathartic to get your feelings out and hear a fresh perspective from someone who isn’t biased or emotionally invested in any way. Personally I talk to a therapist from time to time when big things happen or are about to. It’s nice to touch base, get my head . . . → Read More: A Phone Mistress Is Better Than Therapy

Goodbye Party For Amber Complete With Party Slave

A little party requires a party slave, and a little party is exactly what I got, but not at my house! With my move to Las Vegas less than 10 days away, I couldn’t fit three people in my place, much less a group. So off to Tarah’s house we went. She’s my best . . . → Read More: Goodbye Party For Amber Complete With Party Slave

Z Is For Zelophilia

If there’s one thing some cuckolds struggle with, it’s feelings of jealousy. It might be very difficult to see the woman you love find pleasure with another, and Mistresses will be the first to tell you to suck it up, buttercup! But what happens when the jealousy is what gets you off? What happens . . . → Read More: Z Is For Zelophilia