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Z Is For Zelophilia

If there’s one thing some cuckolds struggle with, it’s feelings of jealousy. It might be very difficult to see the woman you love find pleasure with another, and Mistresses will be the first to tell you to suck it up, buttercup! But what happens when the jealousy is what gets you off? What happens . . . → Read More: Z Is For Zelophilia

No Sniveling, Cuckold!

So your wife has a boyfriend. Oh, boo hoo! Take a good long look in the mirror, cuckold! Is it any surprise that she’s looking elsewhere? Hiding out in the basement? Wearing her lingerie after she’s gone to work? You two don’t sleep in the same bed and it’s been years since you’ve even . . . → Read More: No Sniveling, Cuckold!

You’re A Cuckold And We Both Know It!

More than a few of you are steeped in denial. Often, it’s about your cock size! But there’s this one guy I just got off the phone with. I’ll call him ‘Monty’. Monty is knee-deep in BS. He’s a married man with quite the kinky slutwife. The way Monty described his relationship kept changing . . . → Read More: You’re A Cuckold And We Both Know It!

Why I Love Cuckolds

There’s nothing like a cuckold home alone. No matter who they are, where they’re from or how many times we’ve spoken, it’s always the same. Lonely cuckolds have a lot in common.

There’s nothing sexier than watching your wife get ready for a hot date with her boyfriend!

Cuckolds Home Alone

Whether . . . → Read More: Why I Love Cuckolds

Call Confessions: William And The Crash Course Into Cuckoldry

William’s wife found out he was surfing hotwife sites and she first worried that he wanted to swing with other couples. Oh, but William cleared that up real fast. He didn’t want to play with other women, he just couldn’t shake his cuckoldry urges to give his wife away to another man. And do . . . → Read More: Call Confessions: William And The Crash Course Into Cuckoldry

Dominating My Girlfriend Just Because

So, it’s no secret that I’ve been spending time with a girl named Katie. I’ve been pretty open about that. But if it’s news to you and you missed ‘A Different Kind Of Cuckolding‘, there’s your link. I’ve actually had two ‘dates’ with her, if you can call them that. She’s pretty fun to . . . → Read More: Dominating My Girlfriend Just Because