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Secret Sissy Hot Tub Fantasy

I know a man who isn’t really a man at all, but he has lots of inner things that he keeps hidden. His wife knows a little bit of the truth about his anal fetish, but how can he tell her that he thinks of cock all the time? She knows he has a . . . → Read More: Secret Sissy Hot Tub Fantasy

OverCUM Your Cum Eating Hurdles

So what’s holding you back from eating cum? Because it’s weird or gross? Maybe you’re afraid that you’ll like it too much. Mistresses know first hand that although these are very real reasons for you, they’re superficial reasons altogether. There are many of you that want to eat your cum but have yet to . . . → Read More: OverCUM Your Cum Eating Hurdles

Truck Stop Cock…Super Hot And On The Menu!

I have a caller that’s entertaining one hell of a fantasy, and it may or may not be something that my other cocksuckers have even considered. He’s sucked cock before, so this won’t be his first time. But when you’re hungry for more cock like my slut is, you’re open to anything that gets . . . → Read More: Truck Stop Cock…Super Hot And On The Menu!

Fat Cock, Fat Lip

I must have cock on the brain! I just thought I’d share a naughty little admission from one of my callers. This is a real slut and only BBC will do! (I’m sure many of you can relate!) He was telling me about this fat cock that he was playing with and describing (in . . . → Read More: Fat Cock, Fat Lip

Addicted To Dick

So many cocks, so little time. That’s how some of you think, isn’t it? But it’s only because you’re past the fantasy life. No more daydreaming or dick-hoping for you! You’ve met your alter ego, and have let him have a little fun. (By the way, he’s a slut!) And now it’s official. You’re . . . → Read More: Addicted To Dick

Amber Academy, Series VIII: Naughty Sissy Salesgirl

I have a caller that’s actually one of my faves and we’ve been talking for a long time. True story….she’s the reason why my soon-to-be-ex cuckold Scott even worked in a ladies boutique at all. Hearing that this sissy had connections to do so for herself got me on the phone to some female . . . → Read More: Amber Academy, Series VIII: Naughty Sissy Salesgirl

DSL Check! How’s Yours?

How are your DSL’s? By DSL, I mean dick sucking lips, and it’s totally a thing. If sucking a big and juicy dick is important to you, your lips need to be in prime condition. Men eat with their eyes first, and when they’re watching you service them, you want to give them a . . . → Read More: DSL Check! How’s Yours?

Amber Academy, Series XVIII: Sissy Side Chick Real Talk

*** Sorry this is being posted a day late. I had some things come up yesterday, but all is good now. Have a good week, everyone! ***


I recently took a call from a sissy side chick having a secret relationship with his sister’s boyfriend. The sissy had been meeting with the boyfriend . . . → Read More: Amber Academy, Series XVIII: Sissy Side Chick Real Talk

Always A Mistress

I’m always a Mistress. Not just when I’m playing with subs, arranging a party slut for a get-together with my friends or making sure that my cuckold Scott washes my car before he leaves for the day. Of course I’m one then. But it’s not a hat I wear that I take on and . . . → Read More: Always A Mistress

On Your Knees, Bitch!

Getting on your knees for me shows submission. No matter what scenario I put you in, being on your knees shows me that you know your place. Sometimes I will order you to kneel and many times, you will know to do it before I ask. Pleasing your Mistress isn’t hard, but it’s all . . . → Read More: On Your Knees, Bitch!