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Call Confessions: Melanie’s Gloryhole Homework

I just love Melanie. Many a time have we spoken in depth of her want for cum and cock, but this time I wanted something different. Talking is great, but doing is better. So instead of a naughty session that ended with her sissy bitch load-blow, her pleasure was off-limits until she completed some gloryhole homework for me. Taking cocksucking fantasy to reality, bitches!

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Gloryhole Rules For Melanie

I know that talking about cock gets you whores excited, but knowing that you slobbered all over something thick and meaty gets me excited! Melanie confessed that there’s a gloryhole near her house, and I immediately announced that she would take cock that night.

Melanie’s rules were as follows:
1) Melanie is to wear something sexy (including panties and lip gloss).
2) Melanie is to take 10 cocks and isn’t allowed to leave the gloryhole until she does.
3) Melanie is bring condoms with her to the gloryhole.
4) Melanie is not allowed to say ‘No’ to any man at the gloryhole. Her answer must always be ‘Yes‘. Yes, she will suck this cock. Yes, she will let that man fuck her. Yes, she will take two cocks at once if it is chosen for her. Yes, she will accept a cum load wherever the men see fit. Her face, her mouth, her sissy pussy. Yes, yes and yes.

I ended my session with Melanie and she headed to the gloryhole to complete her homework assignment.

Melanie’s Cocksucker Report

Later, Melanie and I had a filthy session where I got that Cocksucker Report! I am so happy to announce that her first time at the gloryhole was a sexy success! She described how naughty she felt when she encountered men lined up, sticking out of holes. Melanie sucked off eight, jerked off four and got fucked by one. Dropping to her knees to immediately began servicing them, she couldn’t stop sucking cock. She couldn’t get enough! There was so much cock, and it was all hers!

She remembered the rules that I gave her, took the cum that she earned and felt like a sexy, dirty whore! She was a cocksucking machine! The man that fucked her ripped her panties and stockings in his lust, called her a sissy slut faggot bitch and took what he wanted!

Melanie was even stroked and sucked by someone at the gloryhole, but she didn’t cum. She saved it for her Mistress. Good girl, Melanie! I’m glad that you had such a great first time at the gloryhole! You just needed that nudge, and you got it from me.

Remember, Melanie……it’s always cock hunting season!


* Call Confessions is not a surprise blog, and featured callers have been notified. Any names I use are changed to protect the not so innocent. *

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