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Anal On The Menu: Quid Pro Quo, Bitch!

Have you ever wondered about what the perfect gift would be for a Mistress? Well, let me help you out. Mistress love two things equally: control and pleasure. Really, that’s all it boils down to. We want to be in charge and we want gratification. And we want both NOW. There’s no need to rack your brain on how to find out how the combine these two things. I can make it simple for you. Your face as my throne and your ass as my toy. Sounds like an anal party to me!

Don’t try and say you didn’t just get a shiver of filthy excitement when I said that, either. If you’ve gotten this far in the blog, you’re a slut!

Taste My Ass And Give Me Yours!

When I get your ass to use as I wish and also humiliate you in the sexiest way, that’s true obedience. You taking what I give you and accepting what you cannot change? Pure ecstasy for both of us! You’re going to love when I’m wearing nothing but that strap-on cock, ready to stuff your man-hole you until you’re moaning in torment. How can you say no? There’s freedom in surrender and more pleasure than you ever thought possible. Wanna try?




4 comments to Anal On The Menu: Quid Pro Quo, Bitch!

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve never done this before..I’m afraid it would hurt really bad😳😮😧😞😢. Would I be dressed up as your cream puff girl if this were to happen? You would put girl juices into me in keeping me like this all the time. I can’t say no can I? I’m akrea dressed/made up as your cream puff girl and this happening I would be this way all the time wouldn’t it?

    • Amber

      I’m not taling about some prison experience, Petey. If you had never played with yourself like that before, a good Mistress would go slow and steady to begin with. There’s alot of pleasure, there. It doesn’t have to be rough and barbaric…..unless you graduate to that level and begin to beg for it. *wink*

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Oiiiuiiiii La La yes call me any time oh baby drrams can cum true!

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