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Amber Academy, Series XVIII: Spring Fashion Fit For The Princess In You

Every season brings it’s own looks and for every Spring that I’ve been at LDW, this feminization Mistress has brought them to you. But it’s so exciting for me to write that this Spring, the fashions are fit for a Princess. And by that, I mean that the sweetest and most feminine styles are more than just your dream closet. They’re actually trending this season, and the proof is flying off the runway. This week, I’ll be telling you about the four styles that are right-in-style this season.

Princess Perfect This Spring

The beauty of these Spring trends is how versatile they are when out en femme. Of course, you could go over-the-top Princess, but that look might be a tad too loud for the room. Instead, use these styles to rock your Undercover Princess, and still look beautiful while working your fairytale magic.

Pastels— A staple for Spring, nothing could be more lovely than a periwinkle or a pale rose. How about a touch of seafoam green, oh-so-feminine lilac or the sweetest butter yellow? You’ll be right on target with pastels this season.


Sheer— There’s something so delicate when you go sheer. Try a bit of it on the hem of your skirt or be more bold with a lacy dress and with sheer accents. Oh, and don’t forget that sheer is just as beautiful when it’s only for you and/or a special someone! Try some sheer sissy lingerie to feel amazing all day long.


Ruffles— One way to instantly make your style pop is to work a few ruffles in. Ruffled skirts and dresses are right on the money, but a ruffled, off-the-shoulder accent is just as pretty, too!


Cinderella shoes— Aptly named for the princess story, Cinderella shoes are perfect and unique for Spring. Not a costume-party shoe, but an actual, wearable sparkle, dazzle them with a glittery pump that’s sure to get you noticed.

Wrapping Up

Pick one or any of a combination of these gorgeous feminine trends and have some serious Spring fun dressed like the princess you are!





10 comments to Amber Academy, Series XVIII: Spring Fashion Fit For The Princess In You

  • Petey cream puff

    Every thing you mentioned on here is hot!!! Especially the heels!!! What are your thoughts on women’s tanks/choke tops? I think they are hot!!! Along with silk blouses & tank dresses long and short. Trying them on they fit and feel better on me then my boring boy clothes and seeing my self in mirror wearing this I do have perfect build. Even my masseuse told me as she’s had me try these clothes on.

  • Wow, this post just goes to show that looking ahead is something everyone does during the winter months. Don’t get me wrong. There is a lot to say for long sleeves and fur trim, but even the fashion mags know you gotta start dreaming early. I love the flair that a ruffled skirt brings. And after looking at that pic it’s just another reminder to start prepping those legs, divas!

  • Ms Amber these are great tips for any crossdresser or sissy or anyone who loves to be en femee. I’ll be honest, my absolute FAVORITE suggestion is the glittery shoes! THAT really shows off some sexy femme legs!

  • Ms Amber, it is always fun when Spring fashions come around. I know our sissies will look their best in pastels and ruffled skirts. But those Cinderella heels are what will make the outfit this year.

  • Oh Ms. Amber! Sissies in sheer bra and panty sets AND cinderella shoes? I think I just heard a sissy clitty short circuit! 😉 Oh, and by the way, Happy Anniversary! It’s always exciting to mark another year of teasing clits and wees, isn’t it?

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