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Amber Academy, Series XVI: The Fall Make-Up Change-Up

Fashion and weather isn’t the only thing that changes this season. Fall make-up gets an update, too! Here are some fresh fall looks for sissies and cross dressers to incorporate into their routine this season!

fall make-up

Make-Up For A Fresh Fall Statement

Blushing beauty— A rosy blush is a definite must-have this Fall. Your cheeks should have just a touch of that ‘just came in from the cold’ look.

Lash out— Add a little extra lash drama to your top lashes to brighten your look.

A bit of smudge— Soften up precise eyeliner that can look severe. Opt instead for a smudged line for a sexy, smoldering look (expecially when you’re all dressed up at night.)

Warm up your smile— Don’t be afraid to add a little brown or red to your lips for Fall. Try a chestnut, rust or ruby shade to get the look.

Look expensiveJewel-toned shades are for more than just falling leaves and evening skies. Play with shadows and liners that add a little copper, gold, grey, emerald or plum for a trendy look.

Wrapping Up

Got some more questions about make-up that you need answered? As Head Mistress of Amber Academy, this feminizing fashionista Sissy Trainer loves girl talk and all things! Call me up and we’ll dish!




12 comments to Amber Academy, Series XVI: The Fall Make-Up Change-Up

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m planning on buying 3 different shades of lipstick in dark burgendy. What are your thoughts on this? My masseuse said that would be best shade for my skin tone as other shades turn orange because of my skin tone. Is clinque a good place to buy lipsticks? Hoping salesladies will sample & apply on my lips. Also what about foundation/roll on blush. I think a pink or rouge color for me but I’ll ask sales ladies for both on what would look best on my skin tone. It will be test for me as Ms Erika/Ms Fiona/Ms Olivia have me on cock control program and I don’t want to cream my panties when I do this Friday. I bought floral dress/women’s top/turtleneck sweater from masseuses gf as my women’s clothes are growing and I’m becoming a clothes whore. It’s just that they fit/feel and look better on me then my boring guy clothes. I’ve started wearing panties everyday and throwing away my guy undies. I want to start wearing bra under my clothes but afraid others will notice. Would b cup bra be good to wear as it wouldn’t show cups under my sweater. Also with Ralph Lauren midnight romance/romance lotions layering with perfume it has great girlish scent that lasts. I told one of my friends and she was ok with this and happy I found scent I like and gave her sample as she liked it as well. She said she’s always bought $8-10 perfumes and mentioned brands she bought and if I heard of them. Also she told me she’s getting back into wearing nail polish as she said she did this from 8th grade through high school. This is the one I think I mentioned she has hots for me and the one I left stuck in her driveway in snow 2 years ago. As we are same age. My masseuse said she has hots for me. I do want to have her take control and be in female led relationship with her. I want to tell her this but not sure she would be into this. I’ve worn women’s leggings/capris but she didn’t say much along with women’s slacks/ankle boots/lotions/perfume. I’ve yet to tell her I like wearing women’s clothes/lingerie as I’m afraid what her reaction will be.

    • Amber

      Can I ask why three different shades of a dark color? As far as where to buy lipstick, I buy it everywhere….drug store and department store.

      • Petey cream puff

        They were different types one was red burgundy the other was burgundy and last was plum/wine burgundy. My masseuse said with my skin type those shades who be right shade. I’ve yet to try them on along with my foundation/blush. I’m thinking about bringing them to my masseuse and let her see what I bought/put them on me if she wants and to take pictures of me in dress/bra/panties/slip and heels.

  • Love your descriptions for the clueless sissies who have never experimented with make-up! It’s a great rule of thumb. If you haven’t been experimenting with cosmetics since you were 12, you have a lot of time to make up for, haha! You want to look good, not like a clown!

  • Petey cream puff

    Also I went to clinque and bought foundation/pink roll on blush along with 3 shades of burgundy lipsticks in which the salesgirl tried on me to see if it matched my skin complection which it did. OMG what a thrill as her hands were so soft when she did foundation to my cheeks along with blush. I told her it was for me and she happily helped with this. I felt helpless/embarrassed but after a bit I didn’t care or mind as I did what she asked. I was nervous at first but relaxed and had her take control and do her thing. I’m really a cream puff girl now but I’m fine with this as its who I am and become. With my masseuse I’m going to tell her I did this and bring items to her next time I see her and hope she will use them on me when I let her take pictures of me in dress/bra/panties/slip/heels. I think I need to tell other two friends I’ve known also and hope they accept this and take control of me in female lead relationship which is what I want.

    • Amber

      If you feel led to tell a few other friends, then go with it, Petey! It’s a good thing when we can be honest with our friends.

      • Petey cream puff

        After last night at wedding suits are boooring!!!! The hot dresses were so sexy as there was many of them!!! I soo wanted to wear lots of dresses as I had many of them. This coming Saturday I’m planning on wearing women’s slim fit pull up slacks in either wine/brown or black along with ankle boots or mules. I’m going to ask my date on what she thinks as well to layer my Ralph Lauren midnight romance lotion with perfume. I have her sample and she likes it and if others notice I’m wearing it I’ll tell them she wanted me to wear it. Doing this I’ll have foot in door with her and be on way to being in female lead relationship with her.

  • Ms Amber, your mentoring of Melanie got her some serious cock that day. I am sure she is grateful for your support and encouragement. My guess is you may have created a cock-craving sissy who will never feel like she’s had enough.

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