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A Cock Rubbin’, Dick Bumpin’ Good Time

Cock rubbin’ is a form of outercourse. It’s non-penetrating, dick-bumpin’ fun between you and another male. There’s a less-is-more feeling about it, but don’t ever doubt it. I can make you do sexy things with a man with a snap of my finger. And when I’ve got you rubbin’ cocks with a man as slutty as you, you’re going to have a good time!

Cock Rubbin’ Fun

There’s something filthy and taboo about the idea of feeling someone’s cock against yours, and pushing your warm, probing tips against each other. Maybe you writhe around a bit to feel the shaft, or maybe it’s all about cock head action. Your hands are all over each other, sliding your palms down the muscular chest in front of you. Maybe your fingertips circle his nipples or explore his back and lower, until you’re holding his ass in your hands. You might be using your fingers to pull foreskin over the other. Maybe you’re kissing him, maybe you’re not. But your cocks are rubbing, you’re letting yourself like it and you’re working each others bodies, panting and completely in your super slut element.

Oh, and where am I? I’m there, believe me…and I’m not missing this! I’m watching. I’m directing the live sex show in front of me. Will you suck his cock later? Perhaps. As fun as that would be, there’s something pretty perfect about cock rubbin’ by itself. It’s revving your engine, you’re losing yourself and you’re both putty in my hands.
Mistress mission accomplished.







Z Is For Zelophilia

If there’s one thing some cuckolds struggle with, it’s feelings of jealousy. It might be very difficult to see the woman you love find pleasure with another, and Mistresses will be the first to tell you to suck it up, buttercup! But what happens when the jealousy is what gets you off? What happens . . . → Read More: Z Is For Zelophilia

Amber Academy, Series XVIII: Need A New Feminine Fragrance? Let Me Help!

A scent can stir up feelings, get you nostalgic or get you thinking naughty thoughts. Sometimes a scent will be a trademark, like my Grandmother who has been wearing the same perfume for over 50 years. Other times, scents can be interchanged, seasonal, just a fad or part of a rotation. Fragrances are deliciously . . . → Read More: Amber Academy, Series XVIII: Need A New Feminine Fragrance? Let Me Help!

DSL Check! How’s Yours?

How are your DSL’s? By DSL, I mean dick sucking lips, and it’s totally a thing. If sucking a big and juicy dick is important to you, your lips need to be in prime condition. Men eat with their eyes first, and when they’re watching you service them, you want to give them a . . . → Read More: DSL Check! How’s Yours?

ABC Sex No More!

There are a whole host of men that literally don’t get sex except on certain days like anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. That’s ABC sex, and it’s not cool. Many of you have a wife or girlfriend whose attitude ranges from constantly stressed out/half-dead/100% not putting up with your shit to complete bitch on wheels, . . . → Read More: ABC Sex No More!

Catching You Up On Your Mistress

You may have noticed that my schedule has been a little weird and it’s because alot of things are going on. I want everyone to know first and foremost that I am fine medically. Nothing is wrong on that front. I’m all good.

Mistress Stuff

Some of you know and some of you . . . → Read More: Catching You Up On Your Mistress

Amber Academy, Series XVIII: I Love Girly-Girl Days!

So I recently went out shopping with a girlfriend of mine and on the way home from the mall, she told me she wanted to swing by a popular make-up store near here and pick up a few things. Oh, you don’t have to twist my arm to go shopping for girly things! Not . . . → Read More: Amber Academy, Series XVIII: I Love Girly-Girl Days!

Y is For Yeastiality

Yeastiality means sex with any form of baked goods or pastry. This can be sex with warm dough that’s soft and uncooked, or sex with items in their finished form, like cake or bread. Maybe you get a hankering for smeary cupcakes on your cock, wet batter on your balls or just feel like . . . → Read More: Y is For Yeastiality

Call Confessions: Born To Be A Cuckold Cross Dresser

Have you ever heard that phrase ‘Don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover’? A cross dresser is often the same. Your eyes may tell you one thing, but the truth may be a different story. You’d probably never guess my new friend ‘Pee Wee’ would be a cross dresser. He’s 6’3, 250 lbs…..and . . . → Read More: Call Confessions: Born To Be A Cuckold Cross Dresser

Amber Academy, Series XVIII: Shopping For Sunglasses

The weather is getting warmer and summer will soon be upon us! Although I have talked about it in years past, sunglasses are my favorite accessory. You can buy them anywhere….department stores, tourist traps, online and even at the grocery. Although I love trying them on, I do alot of online shopping and have . . . → Read More: Amber Academy, Series XVIII: Shopping For Sunglasses