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My Two Favorite Cuckolds: One Is Pleasing His Mistress And One Needs To Step It UP!

This is a story of two cuckolds, one who has embraced his destiny of being a dick-licking, pussy-fucked whore and one who is deep in denial and thinks he’s still a man. Neither of them are men, but guess which one of these cuckolds is making me the happiest? That’s right! It’s the hubby that just recently sucked his first cock and then took it right up the ass. And as always, everything played out just as I said it would!

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My Cuckolds Have A Backstory…..

Both men are married to beautiful women. Both women have boyfriends that have hotter and sexier bodies, more dominant personalities and bigger cocks than their cuckold! I’ve been talking to both cucks for a very long time and it’s amazing how parallel their lives are considering their don’t know each other! I’ll call one cuck ‘Frank’ and you already know the other one. His name is ‘Peter’, and you may remember him from all the secrets I’ve told about him.

In ‘Call Confessions: Cuckold Bitch Tells Mistress A Secret’, horny loser Peter actually licked the splooge stain his wife and her lover John left on the bed sheets. Of course he told his Mistress, that’s how I know! Peter wants cum so bad, and he can’t stop getting off to imagining Bull John fuck his wife, but he’s fighting a losing battle. I’ve told him he’ll end up on his knees one day, but he just can’t admit he wants John’s cum!

But Frank, oh Frank. Frank makes me smile. (And Hi, Frank! I know you’re reading this!) I just talked to Frank on Wednesday. Frank has completely lost his his wife to a Bull I’ll call ‘Jerry’. Jerry and Frank’s wife have definitely been hot and heavy for a while. And Frank’s wife? She doesn’t care a bit about her cuckie, Frank. She dresses Frank up like a sissy slut. She has made him suck a suction cup dildo attached to a mirror and has taken humiliating pictures for her boyfriend Jerry to laugh at. Frank is just their toy. Even if he could muster enough masculinity to stand up for himself, being dominated and humiliated gets him so horny that he still wants it. And Frank’s wife gets rammed by Jerry’s big cock on a regular basis and has no regrets. Why would she? Her pathetic husband Frank has a sad, wimpy dick and he’s never been able to make her cum anyway.

Sad cuck Frank has called me for quite some time and jerked off to his wife’s betrayal. And all the time, I’ve predicted the same end for him as I have for Peter. Frank will be a cocksucker. Frank will take cock in the ass in front of his wife and she will never see him as a man again. I have hoped for this. I have wanted this. And now it’s happened!

The Man Who Can’t Go Back

Frank has officially passed the point of no return. No more jerking off on the phone to the fantasy of sucking Jerry’s cock and taking it in the ass. Fantasies are over, and this is your reality as a cocksucker, Mister! I’d like to say Bull Jerry has officially taken Frank’s anal V card, but get this! Jerry has determined that cuckie Frank is a filthy sissy fag too dirty to touch. He won’t even fuck him! Instead, Jerry has brought in a friend with a big cock to penetrate and violate Frank in front of his wife. That’s right. Any shred of dignity that Frank had left is now non-existent. Not only was Frank cock stuffed in front of his wife and her Bull Jerry, they’ve made him move to the rental house while Jerry and Frank’s wife play house in the main property where Frank pays all the bills. Owned!

I love it. To see Frank in this situation makes me smile. The more he’s fucked by Jerry’s friend, the more addicted he becomes to cock. The more addicted he is, the more of a whore he’ll become. His marriage is over anyway, so he might as well embrace his new life as a cocksucking, cum-addicted, butt-pumped slut. Frank is the man who can’t go back.

Peter, catch up! You’ve already lost. Frank, good job. You’ve made your Mistress proud.


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